Custom Fields Edit

Custom fields are used to customize products. This can be just product specifications just listed the same way, or really different attributes of a product which triggers different shop actions. For example an attached downloadable good, or adding to a shoppergroup.

This view lists the custom field prototypes. The custom field prototype sets the basic configuration and also tells VirtueMart that there is a custom field. These prototypes are then listed in the product edit page and configured for the product itself in the product edit custom field tab. Be aware that related categories and related products are also customfield. You can edit them, but never delete them else you may get in trouble.


Custom Field Type

Select the desired custom field type. More details about the different customfield types


The name of the custom field

Show Title

Select to hide or display the custom field title

The following explainatinons still have to be completed


Select No or Yes

Custom Group
Please Select

Please Select

Cart Attribute
Select No or Yes. Enable this to ensure that the customfield values are shown in the cart and order views.

Cart Input
Select No or Yes. Use this to create variants

Select No or Yes. Enable this for Strings to give customers a dropdown. Experimental


Default value
Can be a single value or a comma-seperated list, for example Cotton;Wool;Flax;Nylon;Polyester


Layout position

Admin only
No Yes

Is a list?
Select from the dropdown:
As Adminlist

No Yes
Additional Parameters