• VirtueMart 4 for Joomla 4

    We know you are all expecting VirtueMart 4 for Joomla 4 to be released soon. We are almost there. Our new version is being tested daily in various test environments and most features are working to our satisfaction. So well, in fact, that the first VM testers are planning to go live with smaller stores soon. VirtueMart 4 Update Procedure Upgrade or Migration? Don't worry, the changes in Joomla 4 are substantial in some areas, but we have made sure that you can update from VirtueMart 3 to...

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Read something from the ChangeLog:

- done some table optimizations

- better "cancel" navigation in admin -> not javascript document.history(-1), but
leads forward to the list, offset, keyword where you came from

- errors are given out as mambo messages. The most important variables are
stored in $_SESSION and are restored in case of an error, so navigation and display
isn't disturbed

- FIXED THE DAMN "empty cart" bug, we get $cart, $auth, $ps_vendor_id by $_SESSION now
must have had something to do with Server configuration

- switched searches from POST to GET mode for easier navigation

- fixed offset validation (patch for phpShop 0.7.0 patch) in MODULE and COMPONENT
- fixed an error in REQUEST array validation in phpshop.php (component)

- if a user is registering himself to Mambo/phpshop on the checkout.index.php
he's autmatically logged in after successful registration

- login redirect from checkout.index.php doesn't lead the shopper
to the frontpage anymore. A user logs in and stays in checkout

- added "Add to Cart" button to the browse page

- products which are assigned to two different categories
won't show up twice in search result list

- Payment discount support was corrected so you can use
posivitve and negative values - they are now displayed correctly
on all order related pages

- fixed the link to admin.function_form.php in header.php

- Payment options: if you have no Credit card payment methods or no "other payment methods"
then there will be no longer "Credit Card: (empty)" or "Other Payment Methods (empty)"

- phpshop account management updates the user's email address in mos_users now

- vendor list shows only vendors with id>1 (id 1 == you!), so you don't won't have the idea to
delete yourself...

- new module: Vendor (shows a drop-down-list and a link list of all vendors -> links lead
to shop.browse.php and display all products of the specific vendor)


We have gold here, ... after few months analyzing other options I realize that VM 2 is the best extension cart solution. Community is active and forum works fine. Go VM team!

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