Override vmsite-ltr.css

Written by Joerg Kiekebusch on .

Most VirtueMart 2 users want to change the styles and layouts as defined in the default vmsite-ltr.css. We recommend to create an override file, to which you can apply all desired changes. The only difference from overriding other VirtueMart files is the location of the vmsite-ltr.css override. The file should be copied into your Joomla template's css folder, i.e.:


However, after doing this, the image paths for some VirtueMart images and icons, like for example the background.png for the 'Add to Cart' button, are not valid for the new location of vmsite-ltr.css in your template folder. The most simple trick to solve this small problem, is to copy the folder

  • vmgeneral

and the image files

  • vm2-sprite.png (holds i.e. the 'update quantity in cart' and 'delete from cart' icons)
  • color-stars.png (the stars for displaying product ratings in the product details view)
  • icon_external_link.png



into your template's image folder, i.e.:

After doing this, you should have a working override file, which doesn't become overridden upon each update of VirtueMart 2.